Like many who have a passion for aviation, my interest started at an early age. My first logbook entry was made was at the age of 15 and I worked towards my pilot's certificate throughout the rest of my teen years. Family life soon took over and my aviation dreams were set aside but never forgotten. Years later, as family life allowed, the thought of becoming a pilot resurfaced. I obtained my Private Pilot Certificate!

     I flew a lot that first year but I quickly found that the pursuit of the $100 hamburger lost its appeal and my hours aloft  diminished. I realized that without an active aviation goal, I just wasn't flying all that much. What's next?...... An Instrument Rating.  And then?.... How about a Commercial Rating?

     Somewhere along the way, while visiting Chesuncook Village, I stood on the dock and watched as a float-equipped DeHavilland Beaver from Folsom's Air Service out of Greenville arrived to drop off a couple of visitors. That did it for me..... I had to become a seaplane pilot.  I then bought my first airplane, a Cessna 172 Hawk XP on straight floats and used it to obtain my Seaplane Rating and later my Commercial Sea Rating.

     Flying floats gave me the opportunity to introduce many first time flyers to the world of aviation and the sense of freedom and adventure that seaplane pilots enjoy. Sharing these experiences revealed my next logical step.... become a Flight Instructor.    So I did.... and I love it!

Charlie Surprenant

Certified Flight Instructor



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